Win at Epsom – No, Not The Derby

Win at Epsom – No, Not The Derby

Following on from my recent article about making money on eBay, I thought I would give a perfect illustration of how you can make regular, steady money on that platform. And you can assess the thinking of an entrepreneur.

You don’t need to spend money on advertising

You don’t need to involve other people

You don’t need to spend loads of money testing to see if it will work. Because it does

Let me explain.

Epsom – The Salt of the Earth

Have you heard of Epsom Salts? Most people know them as something you put in a bath for a really good soak. The salts supposedly have wonderful therapeutic properties. Indeed, I have used them myself on more than one occasion following a heavy gardening session, etc.

These days I buy Epsom Salts for my garden. I use it instead of Miracle-Gro as a good all-round boost to flowers and veg. I tablespoon in a gallon of water does wonders.

Recently, our dog Tiko developed a nasty abscess, and the Vet recommended that we bathed the wound in magnesium sulphate. I had run out of it, so I went to eBay and got some more. His wound quickly healed.

500gms (half a kilo) cost me £7.23, eBay item number 302565445750 (type it into the search bar at eBay). I noticed that the eBayer had sold over 600 packs, so I dug a bit deeper, as there clearly is a strong market for this stuff.

I could buy 25kg on eBay for £27.75 item number 164480599330

Now, sit back whilst I show you how to turn that £27.75 into £350 and more…

25kg = 50 bags of 500gm, @ £7, total £350.

Take off £150 for posting, bags and labels, and eBay fees. That leaves £200 profit. For doing next to nothing.

Wait a minute – he sells smaller bags for more. 100gm cost £2.99 for example.

So if you sold them in 100gm packs, your £25 would turn into around £750….so I reckon we could safely turn 25kg into around £500 on average, for just £28 outlay.

Now search on google for Epsom Salts wholesale. I found some on there for £25.99 after a quick search, and I reckon I could get it for less. So there’s a couple of quid more to play with. CLICK HERE for details

Now let’s make some real magic happen.

How about we add some essential oils into the salts, to give that extra special luxury?

If you are into aromatherapy, make up some tantalising mixtures. The secret then is to do one, especially for foot soaks, one for a relaxation bath soak, another for a stimulating, lack of energy, gardeners’ friend soak for muscles, one for flushing toxins, etc., etc.


Then you could charge a little more – or even the same price, which will give you more variations, and more sales. I am not bothered if someone is selling salts for less, etc. Some are selling just as many for a higher price, with some clever marketing. There is room for everyone, and you will make a lot of sales if you are creative.

For example – how about a video describing the health benefits? Nobody does one that I can see. I could knock one up in an hour for you, complete with script, etc. along the lines of – ‘Total body therapy, exfoliating, relaxing, moisturizing, cleansing, vegan-friendly, natural traditional remedy, quickly dissolves, full instructions supplied’ – and so on.

That would entice loads more customers to you, because you are doing it better than anyone else. You are giving far more value. Be poetic about it, i.e.,

‘Couldn’t you just jump in a warm bath with Epsom salts, with some ylang ylang, a few candles and some of our favourite music to get off the planet for half an hour or so’?


How about a FREE GIFT with each purchase of 500gms or more? Get these – they work out to 60p each, but people would buy yours above everyone else’s just to get the free gift. CLICK HERE

I would tell you where to get the gorgeous ziplock bags from, and the labels. However, if you do the exploration yourself, you will learn fast. Tip (Start with Polybags to give you an idea of prices).

Get More Sales

I could also tell you that you get more sales by offering discounts to customers that have received their package and directing them to your other products. But you already knew that would save you seller fees etc., didn’t you?

There you have it. Just one idea that I came up with today that could possibly give you £50-£100 a month (I am being conservative on purpose) which would help pay your bills. This is just a start. Get an Etsy shop and sell then on there. Do local craft fairs.  But whatever you do, do something. This is so, so easy to do

It doesn’t matter what size place you have got; you can do it in a flat, – anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are shielding – Evri will collect from your door, no contact necessary. It doesn’t matter if you have little money to spare – as I have shown you, it costs so little to make potentially so much.

You see – a magical thing happens once you start the ball rolling.  You then start to discover other things along similar lines that you could sell too – Himalayan salt, perhaps? Anything that you can buy in bulk and break down into small sizes will make you money.

Here’s one example I haven’t looked into but the eBayer has sold over 750 of them at almost £30 each (get the calculator out – that’s £22,500 in sales) – item 393200212100

Honestly guys – I can do this day in, day out. There is no need to struggle for income when there is so much to be had. There is a mountain of money out there, but you must be prepared to go for it.

Isn’t what I described better than getting a part-time job, leading to who knows how much? As I pointed out, people have become millionaires from their eBay businesses, basically because they got off their a**es and just went for it.

How can you not make more money?

In fact, I might consider doing this one myself – so hurry. Beat me to it!

Remember – the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Hope it helps

If you want any assistance with this article, contact us and we will help you all we can.

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The Blakes did a great job of getting me sorted with my local advertising. A lot of it was free, and I never knew about it, so on that basis, 10 out of 10


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