SSL – Do I Really Need It?

SSL – Do I Really Need It?

What is ssl encryption and Why Do You Need One?

An SSL certificate is a type of security certificate that is used to encrypt the traffic between your website and your visitors’ browsers. This is done in order to keep their data safe and secure. When someone visits a website that has an SSL certificate, their browser will automatically change from http to https.
SSL stands for secure sockets layer

You need an SSL certificate for your website if you want to keep your visitors’ data safe and secure. In addition, Google has started using HTTPS as a ranking signal, so having an SSL certificate may also help your website rank higher in search results.

Who polices or governs SSL certificates in the UK?

The UK government governs SSL certificates in the UK.

Who polices or governs SSL: certificates in the USA?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) governs SSL certificate issuance in the United States. with HTTPS encryption. HTTPS is the protocol that is used to encrypt communication between your browser and the website that you are visiting. This is important because it prevents people from being able to see the information that you are sending and receiving.

HTTPS is also important because it helps to protect your website from being attacked. When you visit a website that is not using HTTPS, your browser will automatically send the information that you are typing in, including your password, to the website. This means that anyone who is watching your traffic can see this information.

If you are using an SSL certificate, then your browser will encrypt this information before sending it to the website. This means that no one will be able to see it, even if they are watching your traffic. This can help to keep your information safe when you are visiting websites that contain sensitive information.


Should I install an SSL certificate?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about your specific business needs. Some websites do not need SSL certificates, while others benefit greatly from them. Factors that should be taken into consideration include the type of data being collected and transmitted, how sensitive that data is, and the website’s customer base.

SSL certificates create a secure connection between a website and its users, encrypting the data that is sent back and forth. This helps to protect against hackers and identity thieves who might try to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers or social security numbers. In general, any website that collects this type of information should consider installing an SSL certificate.

Peace of mind for visitors

SSL certificates can also help to boost confidence among web users. When people see that a website has an SSL certificate, they know that it is taking steps to protect their information. This can encourage them to trust the site more and to feel comfortable buying items or services from it.


Types of SSL Certificate

There are a few types of SSL certificates:

DV Certificate

Domain Validation (DV) Certificate: A DV certificate is the most common type of SSL certificate. It is issued to a domain name after the CA verifies that the requester owns the domain. The certificate guarantees that the website is connected to the correct domain and that the site’s data is encrypted while in transit.

OV Certificate

Organization Validation (OV) Certificate: An OV certificate is similar to a DV certificate, but it also confirms the company’s identity and ownership of the website. This type of certificate is ideal for businesses and organizations who want to show their customers that their data is secure.

EV Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate: An EV certificate is the most trusted type of SSL certificate. It is issued to a verified company after a comprehensive identity validation process. An EV certificate guarantees that the website is connected to the correct company and that the site’s data is encrypted while in transit.


Can I get fined for not having an SSL Certificate?

It is not likely. However, there are some potential risks if you don’t have an SSL certificate. For example, your website could be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As such, you are opening up all sorts of problems for yourself. So for a small cost, you have peace of mind. After all, it would be like leaving your car unlocked in the middle of a known crime area. you just wouldn’t do it – would you?

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