Small/Medium Businesses (Standard)

£39.95 / month

This standard package is designed for businesses who understand that they need to be, and always stay fully compliant. The laws are changed/updated regularly.
SSL certificate if required, plus full, always up to date compliance (T&C’s, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Cookie Consent, Return & Refund Policy, Shipping Policy with monthly report.
(Do not confuse this with standard off the shelf policies. These are ‘live’ reports, that are kept up to date with current legislation)
Standard ADA disability accessibility installed.



If you sell products or services via your website or store customer data, then you need to take a serious look at your web compliance documents.

If they were ‘off the shelf’ documents from the Internet, they are not worth the paper that they are printed on, to be quite blunt.

Let me explain why.

do you sell digital goods, physical goods, products, or services?

Where do you sell – Uk only, Uk and Europe, USA, worldwide?

Do you have any affiliate products or services on your site?

Are these documents totally up to date with the current legislation?

…and so on. I could go on, but hopefully, you now understand how important it is to have the correct policies and procedures in place, or you could be liable to hefty fines, in the thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds.

Your web people can’t do this – it is a specialist area. Ande to keep all of the documents bang up to date with current legislation would cause anyone attempting it to have a seizure.

Do it the easy way – up to date policies, monitored for changes in legislation, and easy to amend if you add services, products, countries, etc.

We can get you up and running quickly, following a short onboarding call.

NOTE: The ADA compliance is the standards compliance.