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This is for your site if you have all the required policies, SSL etc all in place, and you only need the basic ADA (disability accessibility as required by legislation) The bonus of this legislation is that you show your visitors that you care, so it is a win-win.

This basic ADA widget is totally free of cost – forever. Get it, and protect yourself from being sued, or a heavy fine

Why are we giving this for free?

  1. We are doing it to help small businesses survive and thrive after the pandemic;
  2. There is a group of people that have realised they can make large amounts of money suing website owners, who don’t have a leg to stand on.
  3. If that isn’t bad enough, other organisations are starting to use it to rake in easy funds
  4. The main, selfish reason is that it is our mission to make the Internet accessible for people with disabilities. So in that respect alone, get your widget! We will install it for you


What is ADA?

It is a legal requirement for website owners to make their sites accessible for people with disabilities.

In other words, you must enhance your site so that disabled people can access the information, no ifs or buts.

The penalties for non-compliance can be heavy, with fines and costs running into thousands.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking you can ‘get away with it’  – it only takes one aggrieved person to complain.

Indeed the RNIB have taken several people to court already for non-compliance (to date, all those cases were settled out of court – but for how much?)

Simply make your purchase, and give us temporary access to your website. We will install it for you.

Get peace of mind. Order today.