Nice Wheels!

Nice Wheels!

Nice Wheels Introduction

So this month we have explored plants and seeds as a way of making money. We have also explored cooking, namely paellas.

Now let’s explore what else you could do if you lost everything today. (Why wait – do it anyway!)

The one thing that I know would do well is mobile vehicle valeting. The reason is simple – people these days simply do not have the time to sit in a queue of cars waiting to be valeted, then another 30 minutes getting the job done, apart from the journey there and back.

I got our Jaguar SUV valeted last week. They did a great job. It cost me £25 inside and out and took almost 2 hours out of my day (which included the journey there and back) apart from the cost of fuel.

nice wheels
His and his…

The only reason I did this is that the mobile valeting guy who did my car before simply couldn’t fit me in as he was too busy, and he was the only one in the area. And I don’t like having a dirty car.

Yes, I could do it myself, but after several major back ops, my agility is reduced a little. And I guess laziness plays a part too. I just don’t like cleaning cars, and when I have finished, it looks worse than when I started. It’s the same when I try to clean windows!

So I am an eager client. Boy, I would love someone to come round to our house every month and keep our cars clean.

Nice wheels – plan

So let’s say that you charge £20 – £25 for an hour’s work, and you clean 5 cars a day, 5 days a week.

Charge £30 for a one-off special ‘deep clean’.

2 grand or so a month isn’t a bad income, is it? Obviously, it will take a while to build up, through advertising on nextdoor.co.uk, leaflets and calling into industrial estates to see company owners. If you did half that amount, say on a part-time basis, that would give you an income of £1000 a month.

You are likely to get a lot of requests for cars to be cleaned on one business or industrial estate, so you can do more cars in one hit. You will soon have all the clients you need and there is very little outlay. Use the customer’s electricity and water.

You clearly need a hoover, cloths, etc., but that’s it. you could get a Karcher pressure washer from Amazon or eBay, but you will not be able to use it in all situations, as there might not be a tap available. If you don’t know what to use, or what you need, simply google ‘car cleaning kit’ to see what you need. Let’s face it – you can start with next to nothing.

Oh – get some magnetic vehicle signs from Vistaprint to put on your shiny vehicle. Whilst you are there, some polo shirts with your name on them, along with the fact that you are a car valeter. Vistaprint does the business cards too, plus the leaflets. They certainly are not the cheapest, so google for cheap leaflets to get some bargains.

When you start washing someone’s car on an industrial estate, you will be there for about an hour. So try to get a booking for lunchtime when workers and staff are in and out for lunch, so they see you and your car with the signs on, and you will get more bookings. If you are just starting out, offer to clean someone’s car for free. Tell them you are expanding to that industrial estate and you want to get known.

On the subject of leaflets, here are a couple of tips.

First of all, they say that you should do them in bright yellow. This will stand out amongst everything else that pops through the letterbox. Secondly, and if you can afford it, get your mugshot on the leaflet and business card. That does two things. First of all, they will recognise you, and you will no longer be a stranger walking through the door Secondly it is a known fact that people do not like to throw something away that has someone’s photo on it, for some reason.

A good tip is to give your regular customers a loyalty card available from Vistaprint so for every ten washes, they get a freebie wash. It is far cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. So look after them. Set up a reminder system and reward them for being your customer.

So, there you have it – a wonderful income for an energetic person /couple, who enjoy working outdoors. It all depends on what you are prepared to do, to survive and thrive in these uncertain times. And don’t think for a minute that ‘nobody can afford to have their car cleaned’. That’s twaddle. Some people can’t. Some people can. You are looking for the people that can afford it, and want their car looking great without waiting hours away from their desk to do it.

Check out the video for some tips from a car washing expert, if you really want to do this professionally.

Nice Wheels – What if

What if – what if you expanded this idea for other things? For example, we live on the Norfolk coast, where there are thousands of caravan and holiday homes, getting battered by the elements. What if you offered a caravan cleaning service? you could charge a lot for that – £50 – £100 for a clean.

Nice Wheels – nice anything else

I would also like my boat cleaned regularly. Do you love boats? There’s an idea. Do cars, boats and caravans. There is no need to go without income if you are fit and able – you just have to get off your butt and do it. And there is so much that you can do…but if all else fails, you’ve got some tips on how to keep your own car clean!

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Fuad AhmedFuad Ahmed
11:33 03 Feb 22
The Blakes are very creative – always coming up with new ways to do things, to keep up with everything that going on these days.
peter willoughbypeter willoughby
11:16 03 Feb 22
Knowledge combined with experience is EVERYTHING you need in your chosen business field.Trevor & Karen have SHEDLOADS of both, but what makes them special in this arena is their ability to strip out the bits that matter and present them in such a way that the learned cycle is quicker and less complicated.If only I had known them prior to engaging in business - it would have shaved years off of my learning ! Can't recommend them highly enough!
monley worksmonley works
11:05 03 Feb 22
These guys are really ethical, hard working - and nice too!
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09:05 03 Feb 22
I have known The Blakes for a number of years and have always found them to be most professional. They have been extremely helpful to me in the past. They have an enviable reputation for building massive teams and training them to a very high standard. Glad to know them.
Group ManagerGroup Manager
08:16 27 Jan 22
The Blakes did a great job of getting me sorted with my local advertising. A lot of it was free, and I never knew about it, so on that basis, 10 out of 10


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