Grow your Own – and Help Everyone Else to Grow Theirs…

Grow your Own – and Help Everyone Else to Grow Theirs…

Everywhere you look, people are (quite rightly) moaning and complaining about the price of fuel, gas, electricity, tax, shopping, and so on.

That’s not going to change – these prices aren’t going to come down! So it is up to all of us to start fighting for our futures. It is only when you climb out of the bucket that others are trying to drag you back down into that you start to view things differently, and begin to sniff out ways to make some money.

It might be another £50, or it might be £500. It doesn’t matter how much – it is simply a question of not bemoaning your fate, and instead, getting on with building your future – even if you are starting from nothing. and the good news is that if you can make £50 from what you are doing, you can scale up and make £500.

Unfortunately, 80% of the population still think that it is up to the government to bail them out, they should get more benefits, and so on. It’s the government that got them into that mess…we move on.

Everywhere I look, I only see opportunities for the 20% that are prepared to get off their butts and do something about it, I think the challenge is these days that people want to sit behind a computer and make money, but in doing so they only spend money on numerous wild goose chases. They seem to forget that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

All my life I have had to fight for what I wanted. I had to be creative, and do things that others weren’t prepared to do, in order to stand on my own two feet. I was brought up in an orphanage from 18 months old, then kicked out to fend for myself at 16 – so I had to survive on my wits after being literally dumped on the street with nowhere to go. So perhaps I see opportunities where others only see bad headlines, and perhaps I am prepared to fight a lot harder to get what I want. Who knows.

On that note, let’s dive into another way of making money that just might appeal to you and your circumstances. This is for the gardeners among us, and something you can get your kids involved with as well. I am not worried if it’s ‘not your cup of tea’. It is the sort of thing that Karen and I turned to when we didn’t even have the money for the weekend food shopping, and we had to feed 5 kids, 2 dogs and a budgie. One thing I must stress though is that you need to be passionate about what you do. Then it doesn’t become all about making money,

Here goes:

I often buy my seeds from a seed wholesaler and my plants from a different wholesaler.  I am a keen amateur gardener and love anything to do with plants, as you can see from the images of our garden that we created from a boggy wilderness just a year ago. How a tiny, tiny seed can go on to produce a plant over a metre high and dripping with tomatoes, for example, is nothing short of a miracle.

(As an aside, last year, during the pandemic and with a few hours to spare I created a website called Grow Your Own Secrets . Take a look – it lists every vegetable under the sun, and there are lots of gardening tips too)

grow your own
Our piece of heaven

It is far, far cheaper to buy seeds from a wholesaler than it is to buy them online from, say, eBay or Amazon.  So the idea came to mind that I could buy the seeds, and keep what I wanted, then sell them on.

Well, that exercise kept me busy! I was soon getting lots of orders on eBay and turning a handsome profit. The secret was to buy the rare or unusual seeds, which I could get a good price on. I got some Avery labels and blank seed packets from eBay, and listed the packets of seeds on my eBay account.

I soon realised that it was a tiresome chore, trying to count them out (especially the small ones) so instead, a bought a fine weighing scale and sold them by the weight, with an average seed count.

So that works, without a shadow of a doubt! It was bringing in £50 – £100 a week profit. I also got all my own seeds for nothing.

Not your cup of tea? Then do the ‘What if’ on it. What if you bought something else in bulk, and then split them up into smaller lots? eBay is your easiest selling platform (as well as online shops like Etsy). So, there won’t be a shortage of customers. I have almost 4000 positive reviews on my own eBay account, from various items I have sold over the years, buying in bulk and then splitting them up. It is so easy – and good fun too. I have lost count of the number of things that I bought wholesale on eBay, and then made a profit from retailing them in smaller amounts. It is a treasure trove, sitting right under your nose – not just for seeds – for anything. (I think I will write a book about it…)

grow your own
Our greenhouse etc

Now let’s turn to plants.

Take a look at one of the companies that I buy wholesale plants from. It is called Brookside Nursery

They have a wholesale section and a plant sale section.

If I needed to make more income (and had the time to do it), I would buy some plants at wholesale, then sell them in various venues for 99p each, or £1.50 a plant, thus turning £4.50 into £45 with just 1 tray of plants. I would buy some of the rare larger plants and again turn a profit. It is so easy to make money, that it is ridiculuos.

I could sell them in various ways – ask for a table in the foyer of the local village hall. Go to a car boot sale and get a pitch. find out where there is a craft fair going on. Simply google ‘craft fairs in my area’

Also, if you have room, put a stand outside your garden gate (not a great idea as people like to steal both the plants and the money if you are not on hand to oversee it).

This reminds me: I recall way back, when I read about an enterprising couple who bought literally hundreds of fuchsia plants from an online grower (google fuchsias wholesale). They got the plug plants for 40p each. They sold them on for £1.50, and then £1.99 as the plants got bigger, with some selling for £2.99 and £3.99

They went to car boot events and sold the lot for a very handsome profit, every year. And I do mean, handsome profit. People just love ready grown plants that they can simply stick into the ground and get a nice display.

So you don’t even need to grow the plants yourself. Simply buy them and sell on. Another tip is to buy hanging baskets for £1.50 from the Poundshop and then plant them up. Our local nursery sells them for £24.99 each – the cost to do them is about £4.

Oh – what if? What if I bought these from the Poundshop for £1.50 each and sold them for £7 or £8 each on eBay? (because that’s what they are being sold for…

What if it all goes wrong?

If it all goes wrong, you’ve got some beautiful plants for your garden, and some glorious hanging baskets to use year after year, plus a garden full of veg to keep your shopping costs down whilst eating healthily…

As I said earlier, this may not be something that grabs you, but that isn’t the point. The point is that you can either sit around and moan, live in a quagmire of despair, or go out and fight like we had to so many years ago.

The end result might just be amazing…what if you did give it a go?

grow your own
our raised veg beds, and the Broads at the end of our garden

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Fuad AhmedFuad Ahmed
11:33 03 Feb 22
The Blakes are very creative – always coming up with new ways to do things, to keep up with everything that going on these days.
peter willoughbypeter willoughby
11:16 03 Feb 22
Knowledge combined with experience is EVERYTHING you need in your chosen business field.Trevor & Karen have SHEDLOADS of both, but what makes them special in this arena is their ability to strip out the bits that matter and present them in such a way that the learned cycle is quicker and less complicated.If only I had known them prior to engaging in business - it would have shaved years off of my learning ! Can't recommend them highly enough!
monley worksmonley works
11:05 03 Feb 22
These guys are really ethical, hard working - and nice too!
Mel Baxter-SmithMel Baxter-Smith
09:05 03 Feb 22
I have known The Blakes for a number of years and have always found them to be most professional. They have been extremely helpful to me in the past. They have an enviable reputation for building massive teams and training them to a very high standard. Glad to know them.
Group ManagerGroup Manager
08:16 27 Jan 22
The Blakes did a great job of getting me sorted with my local advertising. A lot of it was free, and I never knew about it, so on that basis, 10 out of 10


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