Web Compliance FAQ's

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There's no such thing as a free lunch.

You can have the accessibility widget free, forever.

Then, when you start to get more visitors from the 20% of the disabled population, and your SEO improves, etc., you would be silly NOT to upgrade 🙂 I have not met anyone yet who is trying to attract visitors and more business, to turn down more visitors for free. (You can be the first if you like).


You are giving away a so-called free widget. What's that all about?

We want all websites to be accessible to people with physical disabilities. so we are giving away a totally FREE forever widget, to help you do your bit. The more sites that have the widget, the more sites will realise they need one.

Do I really need to bother about web compliance? I am only a small concern

Web compliance is a legal requirement. Let's liken it to owning a car. It is a legal requirement to have proper insurance. If you don't have it you will be fined when caught, or worse (if there is an accident and you cause someone harm).

I know absolutely nothing about putting code etc. on websites.

Me neither 🙂

We have a small team of experts to do that. All they need is temporary access to your site via the username and password (which you change when they are finished).

That's it - everything is done automatically from that point on without anyone having to touch a thing. Isn't technology great!

I have a Shopify account. Can I use it on there?

The short answer is  - yes.

I can get our web people to do all this. We don't need you

Hhmm...so why isn't your site compliant then?
Your people may be brilliant at what they do (which is why you employ them) but web compliance is a whole different ball game. I would defy anyone to a) put the right policies in place initially, and b) maintain them according to all the rules and regulations that continually change. Ask them - I think they will agree (and they have enough to do without all that aggravation!)

I can get some policies off the internet

You can get blue pills off the internet, but there's no saying they work 🙂 So why would you trust a cobbled together policy from the internet? Always, always use a trusted source.

What if I don't need all the policies that you can install?

It takes the same work to do one or two as it does to do them all. We have averaged the price out accordingly.

Your costs seem extremely reasonable for such a comprehensive service.

Why, thank you 🙂 Yes they are. We are entrepreneurs who are 'giving back' for the life that we have been blessed with, and we recognised that many people in business these days are struggling and suffering following the pandemic, so we are out to help as many as we can. So take advantage of it,

Your costs seem rather high in my opinion

Its horses for courses. For example, with the ADA compliance (for disabled people) we install a line of code on your site. Then, for 48 hours it changes every piece of HTML, to comply with regulations (the front end doesn't change). Then, it constantly monitors your site amending every update, both by you and by regulators. Robbie the robot doesn't sleep or eat. How much would you have to pay an employee to do that?

How does the policies side of things work?

These are policies, specifically written for your business (there are countless rules for digital sales, physical goods, different countries, the type of data stored, etc.) They are updated monthly taking into account the ever-changing regulations. To be honest, you simply couldn't keep up with it all yourself - and why would you want to for such a low cost?

I have heard of people getting sued by charities representing disabled people not being able to access a website and its facilities. Is that right?

There have been a few cases bought by the RNIB on behalf of their members, but these were settled out of court. Click Here to read about it. So yes, it is happening, but we don't know how much the website owner had to cough up. My guess is they ran into the thousands of pounds each time (or it wouldn't have been worth the RNIB's time and money pursuing the cases).

Who is next? You?