Compliance - What a dirty word!

Every time you come up for air as a website owner, the powers that be dream up another raft of compliance legislation, to drag you under again!

In the end, the simplest thing perhaps is to ignore it all and hope nobody notices your site - which is the exact opposite of what you want potential clients/customers to do, isn't it?

Unfortunately, with this approach, there is some very bad news. I have to point it out because if I don't you could end up losing everything.


Here are three reasons why you must have proper web compliance, and it is imperative that you do:

  1. A nasty competitor sees the lack of compliance on your website and reports you, to give you horrendous aggravation, whilst getting your clients;
  2. An individual sees an opportunity to sue you, by using 'ambulance chasing' lawyers, for poor service by a member of staff, or a faulty product, etc. and you do not have legislation in place to cover the situation (this is absolutely huge in the States, and it is now creeping over here);
  3. The authorities find your site when doing spot checks on websites in your category, and impose a hefty fine on you. These fines can be many thousands of pounds for small companies, and in the tens of thousands for larger companies.

Fortunately, there is some good news. Phew!


For literally just a few pounds, these potential business ruining nightmares can disappear, leaving you to get on with what you do best, safe in the knowledge that you have complied with the most up to date legislation. And you don't have to do it yourself or employ web designers at the cost of many hundreds of pounds to try and fix the problem (and a web designer couldn't actually do some of what we are about to reveal to you).

Here goes:



If you are a home business entrepreneur/startup operation, I guarantee that you are falling foul of the law without even looking at your website. But for less than £100 (according to what you need) we will generate all the pages etc. that are required.

You can then upload them, get your web person to upload them, or we can do it for you - no extra charge.

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Over 90% of small to medium businesses are also falling foul of the law. For less than £100 per month, we can install everything you need to be fully compliant with regard to GDPR, Automatic Web Accessibility, ADA, and WCAG. Our widget will ensure that your site is kept up to date every 24 hours. We call it Robbie the Robot. It doesn't sleep, it doesn't stop working, and you get him 24/7 for less than £100 a month. compare that to an employee that you task to do this job...

For larger businesses, the cost is a little higher, according to the number of pages on your website. But it will ensure that you are fully compliant and immune from prosecution or litigation.


Added bonus:

By fully complying with ADA you are opening up a whole new world of potential customers (if you haven't heard of it, ADA stands for American Disability Act, but also applies in the UK),

Did you know that more than 20% of the world's population are disabled in one form or another? how many of that 20% can visit your site, read everything, obtain information and resources, order products or services from it, etc? Do you care? Do you want to show the world that you care?

Let me demonstrate something incredibly powerful to you. On our home page, you will see a little icon in the bottom corner. Click on it. This is ADA in action - a blind person can read our site, they can understand what the images are, and they can communicate with us. An epileptic can protect themselves from flashing images, etc. Someone with ADHD can absorb the information in small, select pieces. The elderly, partially sighted, people with ailments such as Parkinson's all benefit.

The moral kudos alone from caring about the physically challenged community is worth its weight in gold. The increased business that you could obtain as a result of your caring can pay for Robbie the Robot hundreds of times over, and the personal satisfaction that you get for helping others is priceless.

That's why we chose compliance as our flagship product...

We are a Uk distributing arm of an American company that has now installed Robbie on over 100,000 websites and has many big names on board.

There is an installation fee of £100+VAT. Try it for 7 days, and if it doesn't exceed your expectations we will remove it. There is no contract, and you are in complete control. If you like it, either pay for it monthly (less than £100) or annually for a discount.

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The widget is available in 14 different languages. There are price structures according to how many pages your website has.

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Information Commissioners Office


Financial Conduct Authority


Advertising Standards Authority


Committee of Advertising Practice


Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


The Equalities commission


Competition and Markets Authority (UK)


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