Celebrities Sued Under the ADA 

Celebrities Sued Under the ADA 

Celebs Sued under the ADA 

Famous celebrities in the spotlight are no strangers to receiving lawsuits for not allowing good access for disabled people on their websites. Recent movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo are responsible for taking down some of the industry’s most influential personas. I estimate that millions of dollars have been awarded either in court or through out of court settlements to avoid the publicity with regard to the ADA laws.

ADA website compliance lawsuits

Since the wealthy stars are now being held more accountable for what they do, more people are becoming interested in how they do it. After all, it is a way of making easy money, finding a website, and then complaining that you can’t access its facilities as someone with disabilities.

Lawyers, charities, and private individuals have been heavily targeting people who own websites. 


Which of these stars do you know?


An ADA complaint was filed against this superstar by Mary Conner, a visually impaired girl. She complained that her entertainment company Parkwood Entertainment denied equal access to blind people. Connor also pointed out that alt-text could not be coded behind the images and that a keyboard was used instead of a mouse.

Kylie Jenner

The cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics was targeted by a visually-impaired woman called Antoinette Suchenko, who said that Kylie’s website was incompatible with her screen-reading program, as per the guidelines of the ADA. Antionette says that she doesn’t want money from the lawsuit. Instead, she wants to ensure that Kylie’s website follows the ADA guidelines for people with disabilities to buy her products easily.

No doubt, Kylie was presented with a hefty fine due to not complying with the law. But what the heck – they can afford it, can’t they?

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell William’s online clothing companies Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream were sued by a blind person called Victor Lopez. He has filed 21 allegations regarding ADA compliance against other companies, including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, B&H Photo, and Swarovski.

This is just scraping the surface with regard to what is happening!

Now let’s talk about high profile companies.

ADA and companies


The National Association of the Deaf decided to sue Netflix in 2012 for failing to provide good and properly closed captioning on most of its “Watch Instantly” content. Back then, the streaming service landscape was much less abundant than it is now: Netflix was the only primary online-only movie service, making the disparity in access for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers much more pronounced.

Domino’s Pizza 

The company lost a case brought by a blind person called Guillermo Robles, who had difficulty ordering pizza on the website. He stated that the website wasn’t compatible with normal screen reading software. This was a famous case in 2019.


The Target corporation was taken to court by The National Federation of the Blind and was fined $6,000,000. CLICK HERE to read the article.

I could go on and on listing all of the companies that you know but suffice to say, the following companies were all taken to court for non-compliance with ADA rules. (I have no idea how much they were fined).

Nike, Blue Apron, Winn-Dixie, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Amazon, Burger King, Fox News Network – the list goes on!

ADA – don’t ignore it

The biggest mistake that any website owner can make is thinking, “it won’t happen to me – I won’t get caught”, and then hoping that nobody will complain or the authorities won’t notice their website.

That is like driving a car without any insurance, hoping and praying that you will not have an accident. The cost of your vehicle insurance far outweighs the cost of paying for damage or injuries caused out of your pocket, apart from the inevitable fine and penalty points to add to the ones you have already got. It is simply not worth it when you can be fully covered for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee every day!

Check out if your site is compatible with ALL the laws surrounding your presence on the Internet. We think you will be quite shocked at how non-compliant your site is and pleasantly surprised at how we can fix it at such an affordable cost!

ADA – free check

CLICK HERE to get your comprehensive free report, and let’s go from there.

My time is up, and I thank you for yours.

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