Canes, Comfrey, Cuttings and Cupboards

Canes, Comfrey, Cuttings and Cupboards

Canes, Comfrey, Cuttings and Cupboards

I am going to call this an odds and sods post, to give you some ideas that you can expand upon, and do ‘what if’s on.

Everywhere I look I see endless possibilities – and most of them can be tried on a shoestring.

The way to look at things is that if you come across a problem in obtaining something, or doing something, you can bet hands down that others have the same problem. As such, there is an opportunity to make the money that you need to pay the electricity or gas bill, or the credit card debt

Let’s kick this off by giving you one idea.


I needed some 8 feet (2.4 metres) tall bamboo canes for my runner bean plants. I wanted 6.

The problem is that the canes are too long to fit into my car, and as such, I would have difficulty transporting them from the garden centre. So I looked on eBay for 8ft canes.

Check out item 381525042303  (go to eBay and type in the code).

There you can buy 100 canes at 89p each and sell them locally on Next Door for £2.99 each. So you turn £90 into £300. Easy peasy, squeezy lemons. That’s one bill taken care of, along with the canes for your own runner beans!

Does it work?

I sold all of my canes in a few days. I could have sold lots more because others wanted the convenience of nipping round to my house and taking them back a short distance to their house. So I pocketed a couple of hundred pounds for no effort, as well as getting mine delivered to my door for free, saving me fuel!

anes comfrey, cupboards and carers
runner beans

Resting on your laurels – cuttings

My gardener, Myra was chatting about plants. She doesn’t have the time or space to grow much herself as she is too busy doing other people’s gardens, but every year she takes free cuttings of laurel and red robin bushes, and pots them up individually, leaving them in a corner of her garden.

She does about 100 cuttings, which takes her a day to do. Then the next year she advertises the rooted plants on the Facebook marketplace and Next Door for £10 each, with discounts for buying in quantity for a hedge. The plant pots cost 10p each, and she uses a couple of bags of cheap compost.

If any are left over she leaves them until the following year, when they are a lot taller and she gets £15 for those.

Work that out – have you ever made £500 – 1000 for a day’s work? As Myra says, it’s money for old rope, but most people can’t be bothered to plan ahead. Once the ball is rolling, it comes in every year. This year it is paying for her car service and insurance.


You can do the same with wisteria plants. Here’s a tip – there is a variety that flowers not once, but twice a year, called Black Dragon. Grow these one year and sell them the next. I just bought one plant, 3’ high, for £46. And I was lucky to get one – they quickly sell out. Again, Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell these, and I guarantee you won’t be able to grow enough of them.

Do you know anyone with a wisteria tree that will let you take cuttings?

That’s a couple of thousand pounds for a day’s work…yes, I know, you might have to water them in the summer. It’s a tough life, isn’t it!

canes comfrey cupboards and carers


Have you heard of comfrey plants?

These are the gardener’s friend because they make great green manure and comfrey tea for plants. The gardeners pick the leaves, then put them in a bucket of water with a lid, stirring them every now and then, to make free liquid fertiliser for their plants. It stinks to high heaven, but it is a fantastic fertiliser.

If you have a spare patch of ground that is going idle, grow some comfrey. Then sell them on eBay.

I got mine from here: 254962791279  for £7.40, and the seller has over 120 reviews (he will have sold far more, because not many people leave reviews). That’s another few hundred pounds to offset the rising cost of living for doing very little.

canes comfrey cupboards and carers

As I write this, I received a delivery from Suttons. It was 10 bulbs of giant begonias. (If you look in the photo you will see our smart meter on my desk racking up the pounds to remind me to do something to pay for it). I will plant these begonias for our own delight, but it’s just another easy way to help pay for the electric bill. By the end of June, these little bulbs will be splendid plants, bought for £3.99 in total, and sold at £5.99 each, amongst the other plants. It’s so, so easy, yet people chase after the big money-making schemes, overlooking things that are right in front of their noses.

my delivery


Are you artistic? Karen is a fabulous artist (apart from being a fabulous cook, hairdresser, etc., etc.,) whereas I can only draw stick people and that’s about it. But there are a lot of arty people that are making great incomes from upcycling furniture – cupboards, tables, cabinets, etc. When you think about it, people are going to look for cheaper furniture to smarten their homes, as money gets tighter. It is a boom industry.

So this venture might appeal to you. Instead of binge-watching Netflix in the evenings, turn your hand to upcycling furniture, etc.

It could give you many hundreds of pounds a month for something that you could do. You can also pick up most of the furniture for free if you hunt around and that’s half the fun of it, But rather than me going on about it, read some case studies in the following in-depth article.  It really is interesting, and it could be right up your street! CLICK HERE to read it. https://www.ecosolutions.co.uk/make-money-from-upcycling-case-studies/

canes comfrey cupboards and carers

We have covered a lot this month – various ways to make more than enough money to pay for the increase in the cost of living. I have a smart meter on my desk, that I check regularly, and up until last month, it was pretty steady on a daily basis.

Then we bought a new American fridge for the kitchen.

The next day, I glanced at the smart meter and was shocked to see a big rise in the amount of electricity we were using. It was like it was on speed dial or something. It must be the new fridge! I checked it again the next day, and the next. Then I realised it wasn’t the fridge – it was the increase in the electricity cost!

A lot of people don’t have a smart meter. But they are going to get a shock when they get their next bill. And it doesn’t stop there – in October it will rise again.

But it is within all of us to do something about it. I have given you lots of ways, yet I wonder how many will have scanned these posts over the month, and dismissed them, searching instead for some easy online income where they don’t have to do anything except entice someone else to spend their money in their desperation to climb out of the whirlpool for debt and rising bills that is dragging them down.

My suggestion would be not to try and make money out of other people’s misery, but instead to pick up on these ideas and make your own money, honestly and ethically. It’s much more rewarding, and you get to sleep at night, exhausted from your honest toil, and happy that you have a way to survive, and thrive.

But at the end of the day, I recognise that some people are restricted by their health, and/or their circumstances. If you live on the top floor of a high rise flat, or you are confined to a wheelchair, for example, you will be unable to carry out most of these suggestions. so look out for my post on how we can help you – or should I say how you can help yourself.

If you need to discuss anything in this article simply contact us and we will assist you

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